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Snow Esh Winning DH7

Snow Esh Winning DH7

Snow Esh Winning weather warning. With the Met Office forecasting a dramatic weather change in esh winning for snow and ice, here at north east remaps we can help you protect your car with our car annual servicing with free antifreeze testing helping your cars internal engine protection against the frost


Snow Esh winning

Snow Esh winning

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Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China and hundreds of people have been injured and at least 56 killed after a series of devastating blasts sent a fireball hundreds of metres into the air at an industrial port in northern China.

** Fire Explosion Tianjin China Video Contains Strong Language **

** Fire Explosion Tianjin China Video Contains Strong Language **

A shipment of “dangerous goods” in a warehouse went up in flames shortly before midnight local time (1600 GMT), state media reported, causing explosions so strong that they shook homes on the other side of the city and sent flaming debris arching over nearby high-rise buildings.

CCTV reported that 13 fire fighters were still missing. Xinhua said earlier that 66 firefighters were among the hundreds of people hospitalised.

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

At least 21 fire fighters were among the victims of the explosions at the port in the northeastern city of Tianjin on Wednesday night, the official Xinhua news agency said, calling it possibly the highest death toll among fire crews since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

About 720 people were injured, many critically with a 33 serious condition, in a nation all too familiar with industrial disasters.

Columns of smoke from fires still burning on Friday rose from the site amid crumpled shipping containers, thousands of torched cars and burnt-out shells of port buildings.

Rescuers pulled one survivor from the wreckage, later identified as a fire fighter, a city official told reporters.

The warehouse, designed to house dangerous and toxic chemicals, was storing mainly ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium carbide at the time, according to police. Xinhua has said several containers in the warehouse caught fire before the explosions.

Fire Explosion China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

The State Council, China’s cabinet, said a nationwide inspection of dangerous chemicals and explosives would be launched in response to the disaster, along with a crackdown on illegal activities to strengthen industry safety.

“The disastrous explosions at the … hazardous materials warehouse at Tianjin caused huge loss of life and injuries, economic damages and social impact,” the State Council work safety commission said on its website.
Hundreds of injured people crowded into hospitals, arriving on foot and by car after emergency services were overwhelmed.

Early Thursday morning China’s President Xi Jinping urged full efforts to rescue those injured inthe blasts, state media said. Xi demanded that authorities quickly control, and extinguish the fire, and “make full effort to rescue and treat the injured and ensure the safety of people and their property”, China Central Television (CCTV) said on its website.

“When the first explosion happened, it felt like a earthquake,” said Chen Bingzhi, who lives about 4km from the explosion site. “The whole building was shaking. I live on the fifth floor and all the windows are broken.”

Fire Explosion Tianjin China: hundreds injured by explosions huge Fire Explosion Tianjin China rock the northern port city of Tianjin

Three or four hundred people arrived at the Tianjin harbour hospital after at least two devastating Fire Explosion Tianjin China blasts, the Beijing News reported, quoting an unnamed medic who works there. Many were also injured by flying glass, and one security camera video apparently showed an entire glass door being blown in by the force of the explosion, landing on a man waiting for it to open.

More than 720 people have been admitted to hospital with injuries and 56 killed, 71+ of those people have severe injuries.

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Best garage durham

Best Garage Durham

Looking for Best Garage Durham ?..  We are very pleased and proud to be awarded the best garage membership award for our professional workmanship that we provide to the trade and public from across durham city

As members of the Best Garage Guide, We take great pride in providing a professional and reliable service. Why not see what our customers think of us by looking at our Testimonial Page or Facebook Page.

We are also highly recommended by other trade garages.

Please call to discuss your car servicing or needs.

Best garage in durham

Best garage in durham



Turbo Cleaning In Durham

Turbo Cleaning In Durham

Turbo Cleaning here in Durham is a common issue for us on a weekly basis for various reasons inc due to extended service intervals, over due servicing, cheap service oil’s and just mechanical failure.

turbo replacement durham

turbo replacement Durham

 Turbo Cleaning In Durham & VGT Variable Vane Turbo Cleaning.

We can use our unique method for turbo cleaning in Durham and NOT one garage in Durham offering a similar service can do it our way in forced intake & exhaust turbo cleaning to help clean and free the variable vanes on turbos with underboost or overboost faults or even just to ensure your system is clean for piece of mind with our professional FREE advise to help you in the right direction and what we would recommend after fully diagnosing the car first.

Contact Us Today For Turbo Cleaning Durham North East Remaps – 0191 3759404

Why do Turbos Fail?

In most cases, the turbo itself does not fail on its own but because of another problem with the vehicle. The problems that can impact the turbo are known as the turbo ‘killers’ and can be categorised into 4 main areas:

  1. Oil Starvation: The Turbo works at such high speeds and temperatures that the continued lubrication of the part is absolutely vital. If the part becomes starved of oil then this will have a huge impact on the part. Oil starvation would suggest excessive carbon build up, blocked or split pipes.
    turbo durham

    turbo Durham


  2. Oil Contamination: Similarly, where a lack of oil can lead to the failure of a turbo, contaminated oil can also cause a problem. An unchanged oil filter or dirty oil will cause the turbo to wear at an increased rate.

    turbo failure durham

    turbo failure Durham

  3. Foreign Object Damage: If there are splits within the air intake system, then foreign objects could make their way through to the turbine. Even a very small impact could cause considerable damage to the turbine wheel.

    Turbo Cleaning In Durham

    Turbo Cleaning In Durham

  4. Poor Driving: There is the possibility that driving style could impact on the turbine. Through hard accelerating or the long idling of an engine, there could be considerable additional stress placed on a part already working hard and this could begin to cause undue wear and tear.
Weak Lean Turbo Cleaning In Durham

Weak Lean Turbo Cleaning In Durham

Not forgetting mechanical failure inc the turbo band clamps & wastegate turbo actuators faults and very lean AFR.

Covering County Durham Remaps In All Towns And Villages

Covering County Durham Remaps In All Towns And Villages


County Durham Remaps

Covering County Durham Remaps In All Towns And Villages – Durham Cathedral

Covering County Durham Remaps In All Towns And Villages

For Remaps and Performance Tuning For All Possible Car Makes And Models

North East Remaps – The leading Remapping and Performance Car Tuning in Durham for road or race track, Old Skool Tuning, Ecu Remapping & 2wd rolling road, for all possible car Makes And Models.

We use the latest state of the art hardware & software and work with you to tailor your exact requirements, We are NOT like other tuning companies who don’t know how to set up a carburettor or timing & use cheap over sea’s generic remaps, Our Tuning or ECU remaps will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure, for engine tuning for both petrol or diesel engines.

Performance Tuning Since The 90’s When Old Skool Tuning Was The Rage !

North East Remaps – Pioneering The Way In Durham 

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