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Snow Esh Winning DH7

Snow Esh Winning DH7

Snow Esh Winning weather warning. With the Met Office forecasting a dramatic weather change in esh winning for snow and ice, here at north east remaps we can help you protect your car with our car annual servicing with free antifreeze testing helping your cars internal engine protection against the frost


Snow Esh winning

Snow Esh winning

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Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China and hundreds of people have been injured and at least 56 killed after a series of devastating blasts sent a fireball hundreds of metres into the air at an industrial port in northern China.

** Fire Explosion Tianjin China Video Contains Strong Language **

** Fire Explosion Tianjin China Video Contains Strong Language **

A shipment of “dangerous goods” in a warehouse went up in flames shortly before midnight local time (1600 GMT), state media reported, causing explosions so strong that they shook homes on the other side of the city and sent flaming debris arching over nearby high-rise buildings.

CCTV reported that 13 fire fighters were still missing. Xinhua said earlier that 66 firefighters were among the hundreds of people hospitalised.

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

At least 21 fire fighters were among the victims of the explosions at the port in the northeastern city of Tianjin on Wednesday night, the official Xinhua news agency said, calling it possibly the highest death toll among fire crews since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

About 720 people were injured, many critically with a 33 serious condition, in a nation all too familiar with industrial disasters.

Columns of smoke from fires still burning on Friday rose from the site amid crumpled shipping containers, thousands of torched cars and burnt-out shells of port buildings.

Rescuers pulled one survivor from the wreckage, later identified as a fire fighter, a city official told reporters.

The warehouse, designed to house dangerous and toxic chemicals, was storing mainly ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium carbide at the time, according to police. Xinhua has said several containers in the warehouse caught fire before the explosions.

Fire Explosion China

Fire Explosion Tianjin China

The State Council, China’s cabinet, said a nationwide inspection of dangerous chemicals and explosives would be launched in response to the disaster, along with a crackdown on illegal activities to strengthen industry safety.

“The disastrous explosions at the … hazardous materials warehouse at Tianjin caused huge loss of life and injuries, economic damages and social impact,” the State Council work safety commission said on its website.
Hundreds of injured people crowded into hospitals, arriving on foot and by car after emergency services were overwhelmed.

Early Thursday morning China’s President Xi Jinping urged full efforts to rescue those injured inthe blasts, state media said. Xi demanded that authorities quickly control, and extinguish the fire, and “make full effort to rescue and treat the injured and ensure the safety of people and their property”, China Central Television (CCTV) said on its website.

“When the first explosion happened, it felt like a earthquake,” said Chen Bingzhi, who lives about 4km from the explosion site. “The whole building was shaking. I live on the fifth floor and all the windows are broken.”

Fire Explosion Tianjin China: hundreds injured by explosions huge Fire Explosion Tianjin China rock the northern port city of Tianjin

Three or four hundred people arrived at the Tianjin harbour hospital after at least two devastating Fire Explosion Tianjin China blasts, the Beijing News reported, quoting an unnamed medic who works there. Many were also injured by flying glass, and one security camera video apparently showed an entire glass door being blown in by the force of the explosion, landing on a man waiting for it to open.

More than 720 people have been admitted to hospital with injuries and 56 killed, 71+ of those people have severe injuries.

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Best garage durham

Best Garage Durham

Looking for Best Garage Durham ?..  We are very pleased and proud to be awarded the best garage membership award for our professional workmanship that we provide to the trade and public from across durham city

As members of the Best Garage Guide, We take great pride in providing a professional and reliable service. Why not see what our customers think of us by looking at our Testimonial Page or Facebook Page.

We are also highly recommended by other trade garages.

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Best garage in durham

Best garage in durham



BHP vs HP Whats the difference ?

BHP vs HP Whats the difference ?

HP is a measurement which is used during ads for cars, and it’s also something that you will often hear being used by those who work in garage workshops, or even car enthusiasts, but what about the term Brake Horsepower, or BHP? The difference between the two is what we will now explain.

BHP Horsepower

BHP Horsepower

Let’s start with what HP is all about. Invented by James Watt, horsepower originally measured the amount of work, that a horse lifting coal out of a coal mine, could do in a minute. Back then, one HP equated to 33,000 foot-pounds. Today, you can easily convert HP into different units, like 1 HP that equates to 746 Watts.

However, the most common use of HP as a unit, is to measure the power of an engine which you can determine by attaching it to a dynamometer, rolling road or dyno. What HP actually measures, is the maximum rate of acceleration and the top speed of the car.

On the other hand, BHP Brake Horsepower measures the HP of an engine without considering the loss in power that is caused by some parts of the engine, like the alternator, gearbox, water pump and other auxiliary parts, classed as transmission losses, or wheel losses.

There are actually no other key differences between BHP and HP, other than the fact that when BHP is measured, the engine torque is determined by applying a break to the flywheel as opposed to using a calculation torque converter, like in the case of HP.


1. HP is the output horsepower rating of an engine at the flywheel, while BHP is the input brake horsepower of an engine, typically under a dyno loaded acceleration run.

2. BHP is the measurement of an engine’s power without any power losses, while HP is BHP less the power losses. typically under a dyno inertia acceleration power run.


BHP vs HP Whats the difference ?

3. WHP Wheel Horse Power unlike BHP, WHP is the power output measured at the wheels, This is the information a rolling road or dyno run provides and usually reads around *15 per cent less than the power measured at the engine (bhp) – this is because power is lost in the drivetrain (including clutch and transmission).

Here at North East Remaps we test all 3 plus more on our accurate Dastek Rolling Road.

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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics & Ecu Remapping – BHP vs HP Whats the difference ?

Ecu Remapping Durham

Exploit your engine performance with North East Remaps – Ecu Remapping

The North East’s Leading Engine Management Company for enhancing performance and fuel efficiency on Cars, Motorhomes and Vans.
We are experts in remapping, ecu remaps, dpf problems, engine tuning, performance tuning, car diagnostic problems for every model of car, vans including the very latest 2014 models. All our ecu remapping is done in-house using some of the best tuning software, tools, and the very lastest equipment currently avalable in the world.

Ecu Remapping – Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is the regulation, modification of the internal ignition engine or modification to its control unit, also known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is accomplished to yield ideal performance, to increase an engine’s power output, economy, or lasting. These goals may be mutually special, and an engine may be detuned with respect to output (work) in exchange for better economy or longer engine life due to lessened stress on engine components.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning focuses on tuning an engine for motorsport, although many such vehicles never contend but instead are assembled for show or leisure driving. In this connection, the power output, torque, and sensitivity of the engine are of premium significance, but reliability quality and fuel efficiency are likewise relevant. In races, the engine must be sufficiently solid to withstand the additional stress put upon it, along these lines is frequently far stronger than any mass-delivered plan on which it might be grounded, moreover that the engine must convey adequately more fuel. Exactly, the transmission, driveshaft and any other burden transmitting powertrain parts may need to be changed so as to withstand the heap from the increase power.
Ecu Remapping

Ecu Remapping

Ecu Remapping

There are numerous reasons to choose vehicle remapping. Firstly, you will recognize that your engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed. The general torque and force will be noticeably expanded. Power conveyance will be smoother making for a much more secure driving experience, which additionally makes it simpler and more secure to surpass. During normal driving you will recognize that your MPG is better which not just lower the expense of fuel that you will need to pay, however it likewise reduces your carbon foot print. The throttle reaction will be improved and rev extent will be upgraded.
Remapping includes the physical removal/re-wright of the program or chip from the principle ECU in the vehicle and either re-programming or replacement with another chip changed with a north east remap. Our remapping technique improves the tuning to get the best from your vehicle.
North East Remaps heads durham in the field of vehicle tuning, ECU remapping, ecu remaps, dpf problems, engine tuning, performance tuning, blocked dpf’s for vehicles. We are in better situated to help you with all your auto tuning and execution necessities. Execution tuning is the most enthusiastic side of vehicle tuning. Our Company can offers ecu remapping and tuning, sort DPF Problems for most vehicles, our tuning also ECU remapping is completely custom composed, this implies we can account and change for your particular needs and vehicle adjustments.
All our tuning is dyno created, proven and outflow trusted. ECU Remapping tuning and engine tuning offered is known, tried and guaranteed to deliver satisfaction to any driver. In practically all cases, people are intrigued in expanding the power output of an engine.
Many proven techniques have been concocted to accomplish this, however all basically work to increase the rate (and to a lesser degree productivity) of combustion in an engine.
Our experienced team of tuners, mechanics and engineers can remap just about any car, truck, van, or tractor.
We offer diverse kind of engine tuning administrations particular to your vehicle.
A performance map could completely build your energy and torque levels.
An economy guide will provide for you a force increment, as well as see a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
Please don’t confuse us with any other remapping center in Durham, Please ensure you bring your car to North East Remaps Durham – DH7 9BN Durham’s most advance garage for vehicle diagnostics.

County Durham most advance garage for vehicle diagnostics

Specialists in Ecu Remapping – DPF Problems – Advanced Diagnostics – Rolling Road

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